A Christmas summary

Christmas is almost upon us and its magic can already be felt everywhere. The year is drawing to a close and it’s time to take stock.

2018 was a very special year for us.

After more than 40 years, we’ve given our company a brand-new look. The impetus for change came more or less exactly 12 months ago and, in the time since, we have turned everything on its head with a lot of passion and in record time. We developed a new name that represents the modern positioning of our company and, in the course of our rebranding, the logo and the website were also given a fresh face – all originating from our own ideas people.

The feedback from the industry, from customers, applicants, friends and colleagues was very positive and bolstered us in our realignment. We, too, were and still are amazingly proud of the successful rebranding.

We have changed a lot in the last year and have achieved our goals, so our whole team is also receiving a very special Christmas present. From 21 December until the New Year, everyone has been given time off to spend the magical Christmas period with their families. After this stressful and exciting phase, the batteries have to be well and truly recharged. After all, we’ve big plans for the coming year, too!

We will continue to be there for you, our business partners, customers and friends, with our expertise in all aspects of the real estate business. We’re in such a good position that we can deal with all tasks that come along in good time. At the same time, we have enough capacity to further develop the business strategy and keep it constantly up to date. That is our particular strength.

BB Estates continues to grow and is active on the market with a view to the future: Further milestones in the company’s development will be reached in 2019, including the opening of a new location. The details are still under wraps for now.

Here and now, we would like to thank you warmly for your support and for your confidence in us, both the team and the company. Your constructive and positive feedback in this exciting year was simply amazing.

Enjoy the winter in front of a flickering fire, take time for a festive meal with the scent of baked apples and candles or simply kick back and relax.

We wish you all a happy Christmas time with your loved ones and a great start to the new year.


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