Your heart beats for real estate?

You want to feel like part of something big?

Then you're the one we've been looking for!

What you need to know about us

We’re a real contradiction. On the one hand, we benefit from the decades of experience in the real estate business as well as the good reputation and our unique network. On the other hand, we are starting fresh. A lot is turned upside down, our horizons are widened daily and the possibilities seem limitless. So why not change something and think in new dimensions?

What we offer you

We have a real start-up flair and at the same time the security and experience of an established company. The perfect starting point, we believe.

What we expect from you

We are not looking for run off the mill employees, looking for an ordinary 9to5 job. We are looking for true team players, lateral thinkers, storytellers and human connoisseurs who can motivate themselves every day anew and want to achieve more than just the usual mediocrity.






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