Extraordinary times

We’d actually been meaning to post a new blog entry for you for a while, but then a worldwide pandemic broke out. We thought that, for the time being, there would be more important news to read than a blog on “strengthening strengths”.

For this reason, we decided that we would make no public statements about the pandemic until today and instead continued to focus on our work. However, since some of you have been asking recently about how we have handled the situation so far and how Corona and its consequences affect us, we would like to give you an update with this blog post.

First and foremost: our team, our families and all our customers as well as business partners are well, for which we are very grateful.

Anyone who has followed our daily work more closely on social networks in recent weeks, for example, will have noticed that the famous bell-ringing scenes were missing from our stories. These have been suspended because of social distancing rules but our successes have continued to go from strength to strength.

How come? Quite simply, we haven’t stopped working for a single day and we haven’t panicked.

The first critics will now shout:
“How could you!”
“That was forbidden.”
But, we could – and no, it wasn’t forbidden!

Unlike, for example, hair salons or restaurants, we as a real estate agency were not legally required to close, something that we felt was a great privilege.

Thanks to the exceptional floor space in our offices, we were not forced to operate from home. We were able to continue working in our spacious HQ in Frankfurt, in the studio in Berlin and also in the loft in Wiesbaden with enough distance from each other. The constant handwashing, ventilation and social distance has simply become part of our working day.

In addition to the daily business in the office itself, all of our sales agents’ and managers’ appointments went ahead. They conducted viewings throughout and made their pitch with property owners as usual to expand our portfolio.

The magic formula was and still is “a new everyday life”. Rapid rethinking is more important than ever. To this day, we do without the usual handshake. Appointments involve fewer people and everything takes place with the necessary distance from each other maintained. Weeks ago, BB Estates also introduced chic black face masks so that we are perfectly prepared.

Clearly, we felt it was our responsibility to our customers and clients to continue – even if the situation was unusual for all of us at first. In the same way, we felt responsible to our team to not just bury our heads in the sand. This meant that our staff were spared short-time work or even dismissals. Instead, we now have seven new sales agents, a new sales assistant and an apprentice working with us.

As already mentioned, the original blog was to have the headline “Strengthening strengths”. However, the basic idea also fits this post, because our strengths clearly include the high level of motivation and the daily aspiration to always give 120 percent.

Admittedly, with a different mindset, it could have been difficult for us in the last few weeks. In short: extraordinary times require an extraordinary mindset.

But our management has consciously used this strength of motivation that drives us and even doubled it. After all, in such extraordinary times, it quickly becomes apparent who has the ability to stand out from the crowd.

The situation demonstrates once again with what a strong team we operate. Although the global situation was really quite frightening and, as yet, the hurdles are far from being cleared, we have managed to maintain a good atmosphere in the team itself and thus also in our collaboration with our customers and clients.

Our strong team was skilfully guided through this time by our experienced management. Once again it was proven that we have a resilient product that – coupled with the right mindset – enables above-average success even in turbulent times.

While there have been difficulties with large development projects, commercial premises and new-build, existing real estate, which is our focus, is still in demand. Even in times of crisis, housing is needed – it’s just that competent brokerage is more important than ever.

In conclusion, it can be said: where other companies found themselves with their hands tied, we in the real estate industry were in the enviable position of being allowed to work on without any major restrictions. While not everyone took advantage of this and some seemed to stagnate or did not act out of sheer fear, we used our strength of motivation to emerge from this turbulent time even more successfully.

Never before had our team arranged so many pitch dates. Accordingly, we had more properties on offer than rarely before and requests from interested parties exceeded all our internal records.

And here we are again at the point of mindset – and the circle closes. Of course, these are crazy times and customers may have been unsettled in part. But in such phases, it’s a matter of making the best out of the situation, going the extra mile and emerging victorious.

For all the economic success and the positive mindset typical of BB Estates, we would like to leave you with the following: even if life does feel a bit more normal day by day, please don’t forget that there is still a virus out there. That’s why we all still have the responsibility to play by the rules of the game, so as not to give a second wave a chance.

Wash your hands, keep your distance and please don’t hoard toilet paper. Follow our motto and never lose sight of your goals, because crises are also opportunities. It’s up to every individual what they ultimately make of it.


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