Full speed ahead

It’s no secret that we are expanding. In the spring, the Beletage in Leipzig was opened as our fourth BBE location in Germany. Geographically, we are currently very well positioned in the east and west. It makes sense to now tackle northern Germany. Our next adventure: Hamburg!

Via social media, more precisely in our Instagram stories, we already let you be a fly on the wall and took you along on the big viewing tour in Hamburg.

There were a total of nine extremely interesting office spaces to choose from. The tour sped across Hamburg’s central old and new town area and out to Hafen City. It covered everything from a stylish old building above an old bakery that was converted into an office space, to former factory buildings. And every area had its very own charisma, something attractive and magical to offer. Every single building scored a lot of points thanks to their breath-taking exterior facades and special flair.

Ultimately, our choice fell on a penthouse with a roof terrace and a fantastic view in an absolutely prime location. The address of our Hamburg office speaks for itself: The “Neue Wall” is one of the most beautiful and famous luxury shopping streets in all of Europe. In addition, the building is not only accessible by foot, but theoretically also by boat, because it is right on the water. The lease has already been signed, the ink is dry, the preparations are in full swing, and the anticipation is enormous. Since each of our offices has a name affix, we will soon have a Penthouse in addition to the HQ, the Loft, the Studio and the Beletage. We can’t wait!

Incidentally, in Hamburg, our starting position is perfect from the outset because two Frankfurt team members will be relocating to Hamburg. This means we will have experienced and long-standing colleagues on-site to ensure a successful start. A farewell party is obviously already in the works. Of course, there will be other team members in Hamburg besides our Frankfurt guys. Some new employment contracts have already been signed and interviews are in full swing.

If you want to be part of the new Hamburg team or you know someone who is interested, please send us a detailed application. You can find detailed information on jobs on our website under “Careers”.

Everything kicks off in Hamburg on September 6th, but our new penthouse will still be under renovation then. Since we don’t want to waste any time, waiting until October is out of the question. We will start at WeWork and can then switch to our new superlative office without any stress. The prospects are exciting!

We will of course keep you up to date on current developments and in the next blog will cover how the first days working in Hamburg went. If you don’t want to wait until then, you can follow us on Instagram. After all, we don’t use this medium to accelerate property sales, but primarily to provide unfiltered insights behind the scenes at BB Estates. This lets future employees know what our typical workday looks like—everyone can get an idea of what it means to be part of the BBE team in advance.

Despite our passion for digital solutions and modernization, we are very old-school in some things and have decided to revive the good old medium of print. We have spent the last few weeks designing our own magazine for you.

The new must-read goes by the name THE MAGAZINE and was developed for all real estate enthusiasts, everyday visionaries and those looking to broaden their horizons. The result is creative pages with eloquent texts that not only give insights into our approaches, dreams and deeds, but also deliver real added value. The first edition will be available in September exclusively for owners, clients, friends & newcomers in a limited edition.


We have an exciting September ahead of us with the soft opening in Hamburg and the launch of THE MAGAZINE. The countdown begins!


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