Hey Leipzig


As you might have guessed from the heading, the lines and paragraphs below are all about Leipzig. The city can definitely look back on a long and eventful history, and today it is a dynamic economic and cultural metropolis.

Masterful architecture, countless sights, old passageways perfect for strolling through, cosy cafés, little alleyways lined with good restaurants and cool bars: all of this and much more make it a fascinating place.

In short: Leipzig is a city with charm and a future.

Today we’re making it official and unveiling our well-kept secret. We’ve had a secret love affair for a quite a while: Leipzig.

And the best thing about this news is: from now on we are getting involved in the Leipzig real estate market. Yes, you read that right! In addition to Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and Berlin, we are now represented in another German city with potential. Hey Leipzig, we’re coming!

Urban, rural, or riverside – we are well positioned: with our offices in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we cover much more than just the popular Rhine-Main area. From Frankfurt, our operations extend beyond Aschaffenburg and from Wiesbaden to beyond Limburg. At our Berlin office, we cover far more than just the capital itself – we are also active well into the state of Brandenburg. Our aim has always been to not only cover the potential of the city where our office is located, but also to include the exciting surrounding area. We love and live the urban jungle, but we find it just as exciting a little further away from the hustle and bustle.

An office in Leipzig – as an extension of Berlin, so to speak – is the logical consequence of our plan to position ourselves even more broadly in Germany. We see a lot of future potential in this liveable and lovable city.

But Leipzig had more than just the purely strategic factor in its favour: the most important feeling, our gut feeling, also spoke for it. The vibes we felt during visits to Leipzig and on our research trip encouraged us to take immediate action rather than waiting until the new year as originally planned. As is so often the case with us, our motto was to just be brave and go for it! Not in a year, not in 3 months, not next week, but now!

So the first steps have already been taken: we have added another city to our website, part of the team is already working on assignments, and so the first successful deals are in sight. Our in-house People & Culture team is already busy looking for professionals and smart newcomers from other fields who want to help us really rock the city.

The only thing missing is a site for our office, but are confident we will find the perfect location for us soon. The interior designers are just waiting for the go-ahead, the technology is organized, and of course we are all buzzing with euphoria. For our part, we are ready to get started right away.

Even without an exact address, the name of the new Leipzig office is already decided. Drum roll please, we hereby present: Belletage Leipzig!

Our CEO is already visiting potential spaces that could be home to our future office in Leipzig. As with all our other locations, we are not looking for just any run-of-the-mill office for a typical estate agency, but a place where we can be ourselves as a dynamic agency.

In Frankfurt we have our HQ, in Wiesbaden the Loft, in Berlin the Studio, and now in Leipzig very soon the Belletage. Each epithet symbolizes a certain architectural style. One thing is clear: the name Belletage Leipzig says it all!

Stagnation is and will always be a foreign concept at BB Estates. Leipzig, get ready for us – WE WILL ROCK YOU!

We’ll be giving you regular updates on the search for a location and so on via our social media channels. So make sure you keep checking on Instagram or Facebook – there are exciting times ahead!



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