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Our internal think tank is flourishing right now – just like nature outside. You will soon be able to discover new interactive features on our website, which we would like to tell you a bit about in advance today. As always, we also share our own views and assessments on each topic with you, because we like you to experience us in a way that is as authentic and close to everyday life as possible.

Some of you already know us quite well and won’t be at all surprised that we have just implemented another plan that is not typical for the industry. But as you know, that’s just the way we do things.

So, we invited our entire team from all locations to the Frankfurt HQ to shoot some special videos. Each team member had their own time slot in front of the camera. And what’s so special about that? Well, we actually conjured up something pretty cool from the individual clips.

To keep up the anticipation, we don’t want to reveal everything to you today, but let’s just say this much: you’ve never seen a team presented on a company website quite like this before. Just follow us on social media – we’ll let you know as soon as we go live with the innovative team presentation on our website.

What does all this have to do with real estate?
Quite a lot, we think!

We see it as our task to spice up the dusty old industry a bit and, above all, to make the professional image of real estate agents fresh and socially acceptable again. After all, it’s a job with a future that offers enormous added value for both property owners and property seekers (or clients, as we call them). This is true in every respect, both monetarily and emotionally.

That’s why we have long been calling for a rethink. However, it’s important for the changes to be made in the right places. Future viability is achieved, for example, through increasing digitisation of internal processes, but not through exclusively digital viewings or fully contact-free work. For us, the job of a real estate agent will continue to be a people-to-people business in the future.

That leads us directly to the next innovation on our website, which we would like to tell you about in advance. In the future, we will be offering great inspiration via home staging.

You may well be thinking, “I beg your pardon?” right now. And asking yourself the legitimate question of whether this service fits a real estate agency that attaches great importance to personal contact and is critical of digital viewings. It actually fits us very well, because we are sticking our principle that virtual home staging does not replace on-site viewings, but rather is an ideal way to prepare for them!

Our intention is to use stagings to reveal the hidden potential of the respective premises in advance. While it is true that even the best photos never quite reflect reality, and a video cannot give you the real gut feeling you get on-site, nonetheless, the staging presentation gets your imagination going in advance. For us, this is what’s so great about home staging.
So what does that mean in concrete terms?

We want to inspire you and show you what is possible. The latest home staging tools transform empty or outdated rooms into real oases of well-being that feel like home. Don’t believe us? Then check out the results for yourself – it won’t take long!

The before-and-after visualisation lets us show which options are available for room design and use in a direct comparison. As if by magic, virtual staging turns empty or unpresentable rooms into real sources of inspiration. And we can go one better: the 360° visualisation makes the viewer feel like they are standing in the middle of the room so they can start mentally planning.

But why are we so firmly convinced, despite all this enthusiasm, that virtual staging can never replace in-person viewings? You can only get that feeling of having found the right property if you are able to explore the rooms with all your senses. Just as important is a sales agent who knows their trade to accompany the process. Because, believe us: brokering real estate is not child’s play, even if it may look like that to some.

We can aptly summarise this blog in three sentences, reiterating our point of view once again:
we combine the real and the digital world in a smart way. We adopt approaches that make life easier for us in advance, but we know full well that, despite the many digital possibilities, you cannot do away with people and brokerage services in a good business relationship. All the trappings may sound ahead of the times, but we are still there to assist you in a very “old-school” way.

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