Kick-off into the new year

We wish you all a great start to 2019, and a year full of success.

Our team spent their well-earned vacations in very different ways. Some visited their home towns, or spent a cosy holiday at home with the children. Others went for a stroll in New York’s Central Park, or enjoyed a beach vacation on the Maldives. But one thing has definitely been achieved: their batteries have been recharged. The team are on the starting blocks, ready to trigger even greater successes.

What will the year 2019 bring?

BB Estates continues to expand. We will be opening new office locations so as to be able to act speedily in situ. Which is why the subject of recruiting is also so important for this year. Our “We’re looking for you” campaign was already a success. We were able to recruit motivated, open-minded thinkers for our team. But we need additional reinforcements, as a result of which we are still looking for talented young people and experienced real estate professionals.

In the year 2019, we shall develop our international property portfolio further. We already offer some heavenly properties on Mallorca, ranging from charming town houses to villas with sea views and rural fincas. Just browse through the property descriptions – we guarantee you’ll get that ‘summer feeling’.

The digitalization of the company has concluded. In the next phase, digital transformation will now ensue. And what exactly does that mean?

Every company is different. But there are universal aspects of digital transformation. At a certain point, changes develop phenomenally. The dynamics must be anticipated and the company prepared accordingly. One example is the sudden rising prevalence of individual social networks. At this point, it is difficult to compensate for a head-start.

So, amongst other things, digital transformation means:

– Software solutions in companies in order to optimize or completely rebuild structures,

– Identifying, collecting and systematically evaluating important data, and

– Using social media correctly, i.e. using the appropriate channel for the target group and focussing on customer interest. Constant data analyses mean the company strategy can be optimized.

Digital transformation is a permanent process the goal of which is to utilise early warning signs and learning effects. Strategies and offers can be shaped individually on the basis of the information obtained.

So things remain exciting at BB Estates. You can continue to take part in our journey via our blog and the social media channels.


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