Magic is in the air

The year is slowly coming to an end, the fairy lights have been twinkling for weeks, and the air is filled with that special kind of magic you can only feel in December. A truly wonderful time of year…

But don’t get us wrong – the Advent season is seldom an exclusively wonderful time. Yes, the aforementioned magic really is in the air and the year is almost over, but our diaries are still packed. And in between, there are a few gifts to buy here and there, the final to-dos of the year to get through, and new ones to be added for the coming year. This magical period can quickly turn into a hectic period. On top of that, the mulled wine with colleagues at the Christmas market had to be cancelled due to the current situation, like so many other things this year. And we still don’t know exactly what kind of Christmas and New Year’s Eve we are facing.

Yet this unusual Advent season, despite being little different than normal, was a particularly fantastic one for us. Our in-house think tank has come up with some very special highlights for December for both our team and our followers on social media. Our popular “Monday morning motivation” has thus became a “Christmas motivation”. Short but superb animated videos were recorded and a digital Advent calendar was created. The calendar, with only a few doors left to be opened, serves our team in two ways:

As a countdown to Christmas, the most wonderful festival of the year, but also as a reminder to give it their all, as there are only a few days left in the year. We thus combine real agency life and motivation to go that extra mile at the end of the year with plenty of Christmas spirit.

Are you ready for a journey through our 2020?
We’re looking back and taking stock, like we do every December. The first few months of the year went by in a flash. Our team was extremely motivated and hungry for success. At the end of February, our CEO and the marketing team went to Northern California! They explored San Francisco, Napa Valley, and of course Silicon Valley, famous as the home of Apple, Facebook, Google, and similar companies.

Of course, we recorded all our impressions and discoveries in a blog post for you, in an uncut version, because we just couldn’t keep it brief when it came to this unbelievable “road trip of inspiration”.

From one extreme to the other:
We got back from this very special trip full of energy, to face an exceptional situation that changed everything. One minute we could go travelling carefree, the next there were lockdowns, curfews, and mandatory masks.

Fortunately, as a real estate agency, we did not have to close – a great privilege! Thanks to our extraordinary office spaces, we weren’t forced to resort to working at home. We were able to continue working in our large HQ in Frankfurt, the Studio in Berlin, and the Loft in Wiesbaden without worrying too much, maintaining enough distance from each other. Constant hand washing, ventilation, and social distancing simply became part of our new everyday life.

Summer came – with distancing, ice cream, and real estate:
During the heat wave that hit us for a few weeks in the summer, we also sweated a lot. But since we are really passionate about our job, we even enjoyed doing it at 39 degrees in the shade – and kept a cool head.

The mood in the team could not have been better, even though many could not take their planned holidays. At least one colleague bought ice cream for the team every day. The deck chairs on the Frankfurt roof terrace, the cosy inner courtyard at the Wiesbaden loft, and the sun terrace at the Berlin studio became the focus of our working days at the office.

Then the days got shorter again, while our energy level continued to rise:
In autumn, we finally revealed the identity of our secret lover, our well-kept secret – it was and is the city of Leipzig. We announced that the new location would serve as an extension of the Berlin office. On the one hand, it was the logical consequence of our plan to position ourselves even more broadly in Germany. On the other hand, it was also down to gut instinct, because Leipzig is a city with charm and a future that has literally cast a spell on us. The search for a suitable home in this exciting city began, as did the search for new talent for the Leipzig office.

And so we’ve now come to the end of the year again. As you’ve already read, we have managed to combined Christmas spirit with agency life. By the way, we gave ourselves the best Christmas present: the lease for the new office location in Leipzig was signed a few days ago. So we officially have a new home in this great city. It’s called “Beletage” and the name definitely says it all. You can find us in the Leipzig pedestrian zone, specifically on Hainstraße, from 1st March, 2021.

What a year:
We didn’t have to cut hours, lay off anyone, or make anyone redundant. We even hired new colleagues, put our plan to go to Leipzig into action, and always kept a positive mindset. 2020 was a year in which we got the most out of ourselves personally and on all levels, despite completely new challenges. What this mean in concrete terms is: an increase of 30 percent compared to the previous year!

In addition, as in previous years, we were awarded the Bellevue “BEST PROPERTY AGENTS” quality seal and named “Top Real Estate Agents” by Focus-Spezial. But this year we were particularly pleased about the award from Focus-Business: we were voted “Top Medium-Sized Employer”. Our social media channels were also highlighted by Immowelt under #starsfuerimmo. Various interviews and articles about us were also published.

So we have come a long way on our mission “from broker to brand”. Wow, that really gets under your skin and of course validates our unique company culture. We are incredibly proud of and grateful for what we have built. That’s why some of our commission will of course go to a project close to our hearts again this year.

Looking back is usually followed by looking ahead. So if you’re thinking to yourself: “What’s ahead is actually more interesting than what’s behind us!” – you’re right. But we’ll tell you all about it in the new year, otherwise this blog post would be far too long, because we’ve got a lot in store thus a lot to tell you!

The BB Estates annual winter break is just around the corner:
The time has finally come and we are looking forward to the upcoming winter break, which has already become a tradition for us. In recent years, our team members, who are always keen on traveling, have taken their families to New York City, sunny Dubai, the snow-capped Alps, and the picturesque Maldives after Christmas. But this year – like everyone else – we probably won’t be able to travel. But we’re not too bothered about that. This winter break, which is supposed to give us some time off, might be much more intense than usual. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to find motivation or inspiration. Someone or other is bound to go back to the office earlier than planned and work on deals, ideas, and plans for the future.

Well that’s enough writing, Christmas is just around the corner, so we’ll end by wishing you: Merry Christmas and happy new year from our family to yours!


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