Moving digitally into the future

Digital revolution? Are you in a medium-sized company in the real estate industry? What sounds like a contradiction should have been reality for a long time.

Business is still running smoothly in the usual way. However, there is no way around digitization and the ensuing digital transformation. The digital revolution is very much comparable to the industrial revolution. So it’s high time to wake up.

Of course, the real estate industry uses several possibilities of the digital world. Online portals for object presentations, e-mail reception via smartphone, digital photography and a company website have long been standard. But beyond that? Why isn’t the industry further along?

It’s not because of costs, but rather the uncertainty and skepticism about new interfaces. In today’s world even a brokerage office needs specialists in marketing, innovation and IT. The message “We sell your house” will not be enough in the long run to survive in the market. A company is no longer viable for the future just with snappy exposés in the shop window.

The real estate industry is in the midst of an exciting transition phase and does not have to be old-fashioned in its presentation. To the contrary!

So what is needed to get equipped for the future?

Even for small and medium-sized companies without a marketing or innovation team, terms such as traffic, big data or design thinking should not be foreign words.

For example, the creative method of “design thinking” generates new customer-oriented ideas. It was developed by the innovation agency IDEO. Core elements are
– repetitive processes,
– clear brainstorming rules on visualization, communication, ideas, quantity and criticism,
– interdisciplinary teams for lateral thinking as well as
– mobile space concepts.

And in the company itself?

The most important thing is open-minded people. With an eye and a knack for the new paths that open up with innovative technologies. An efficient use of digital possibilities saves time.

A modern, open corporate culture appeals to employees with the required mindset. Because the salary often does not play the most important role.

At BB Estates we actively shape digitization and our own path of digital transformation. Our team is made up of characters with very different experiences. We live and love lateral thinking, innovation and storytelling.

The BB Estates slogan “we make a difference” means: We recognize trends, rethink and provide impulses. Digital revolution? We are on it.


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