Summer is coming to an end

Summer in Germany is slowly saying goodbye. It’s now time to put down the sunglasses and review the last few weeks.

For many, summer is an opportunity to shift down a gear; not so with us, we switched up a gear.

Our sales teams in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Berlin were reinforced by new colleagues and management worked consistently on the mission from broker to brand.

We applied for a marketing award and, as part of this, rewrote our concept of rebranding from last summer. In the background at the same time, the website was completely redesigned to put our company culture even more in the foreground.

On top of that, we threw a party for over 100 guests on the roof terrace of the Frankfurt headquarters, not to mention the day-to-day business.

As you can read, we had a lot going on this summer. But let us tell you about our wonderful summer party, which will go down in the company’s history as BB(Q): BB Estates Barbeque.

Our entire team and their families, all our business partners, and friends from the BB community were invited.  We used this evening to give a glimpse behind the scenes of BB Estates and to show everyone once again that we live our slogan “we make a difference” through and through.

Partly in the pouring rain, but at least it was 30 degrees, we partied together to celebrate summer, life, and our great success.

We spontaneously decided to take the opportunity of having everyone together to also launch our new website.

The launch was smooth and without exception, all the guests were thrilled with how the basic idea was implemented of creating a site that does not at all reflect what you would expect of the real estate industry.

After the live launch, we opened the buffet. The American barbeque was delicious, and our candy bar gave everyone a little sugar rush.

As the sun set, the BB cocktail bar opened, and people danced until the early morning hours. Our dancers were backed up by a saxophone and piano player, but even our Sales Heroes did not miss out on serenading us.

By the way, a camera accompanied us throughout the whole evening, so now you can look back at the evening in retrospect.


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