The Extra Mile

Daylight savings time has ended and the days are getting shorter. In the mornings, the fog hangs deep over the streets, there are storms at lunch time and a bitter chill in the evening! It makes a person just want to snuggle up in the comfort of home …

November is few people’s favorite month. Halloween is over, so is the golden autumn. People are up their neck, to put it mildly, in pumpkin-spice lattes and pumpkin soup. It’s too early for Christmas decorations. They are still sleeping in the boxes in the attic, and decency dictates they wait there until after Eternity Sunday.* Only then do the twinkle lights come up to brighten houses and apartments for Christmas. Oh December, I hope you get here soon!

Does this sound familiar?

We can’t abide another pumpkin story. And as true fans of Christmas, we look forward to the time when everything starts to sparkle again. We are not looking to get comfy, quite the opposite: this is the time when we as members of the BBE give just a smidge more drive than the usual 120% and go that extra mile before a well-earned Christmas gets going, even if it means not taking the path of least resistance. Just because it gets dark earlier, doesn’t mean we let up!

The side effect of this fantastic togetherness is unbelievable success. I’m not talking so much about economic success, more about emotional success. From an idea, a success story was born, from a team, a business family, and from a regional real estate agency, a beloved Germany-wide brand has grown. We have all shown that a mid-sized real estate company doesn’t have to be old-fashioned – and that our Olympic-level discipline is in selling residential real estate: no one is faster than we are!

ONE TEAM, ONE VISION is not just a saying for us, it’s a tenet of faith. Implementing that was and is, of course, only possible though monumental effect, the right instinct and perfect management: this year, the time was ripe for further expansion. Spring saw the starting gun for the main floor of the popular Hainstrasse of Leipzig’s pedestrian zone, and on November 1 we opened the penthouse with roof-top terrace and fabulous view in Hamburg, directly by the luxurious Neue Wall. The map of Germany is slowly filling up with BBE colors.

Our sales time from Frankfurt is active across the whole metropolitan area, though to Lower Franconia in Bavaria. From Wiesbaden, we cover the region of Rhine-Hesse to Limburg. The radius of our team in Berlin-Mitte reaches deep into Brandenburg. Team Leipzig naturally covers the surrounding area as well, and is active all the way to the area near Halle. After our office opened in Hamburg, not only is the Hanseatic City itself in focus, but the entire district as well. And not to be forgotten: with our co-office on Mallorca, we remain the specialist for Germans’ favorite island.

As you can see: the days of us as a regional real estate agency are over! What remains is our groundedness and meticulous handling of sales matters. Everything else has reached significantly higher levels.

Would you like to feel the magic and be part of this exciting success story? Then send us your compelling application!

FOCUS Business, by the way, recently named us the top employer among mid-sized companies yet again. So if you would like to take a new professional path with BB Estates, numerous benefits await you: you could enjoy the amenities of a high-class office in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Leipzig or Hamburg. You can also experience our very special company culture, and take advantage of the chance to help shape it yourself! This spirit is unique in the German real estate industry, we promise.

At the end of December, we’ll be back in touch here with a small annual report – until then, we’ll be doing all we can to make this fantastic year into a spectacular one.



*The last Sunday before the start of Advent, observed in Protestant regions of Germany. Also called the Feast of Christ the King or Stir-up Sunday (UK).

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