The journey continues

We had actually planned to go online at the beginning of January with the first blog post for 2021 – now you can already hear the birds chirping, the first buds are sprouting and spring is just around the corner. But hopefully you know that we haven’t just had our feet up or even gone into hibernation; rather, we’ve been putting all the ideas from the old year into practice.

Preparations for the opening of our new location in Leipzig were probably the biggest project. The new BB Estates office is being given the name “Beletage”, as we already mentioned in our Christmas blog post. The name definitely says it all!

From the espresso cups to the underground parking spaces and from the interior design to the IT server – every single thing had to be organised. The to-do list reached to the moon and back. But here, too, it has become clear once again that the things you do with passion never feel like work, not even for a single moment. Perhaps this is the secret of our success, which, admittedly, we sometimes can hardly believe ourselves.

During the last two months, by the way, we have held weekly meetings and job interviews at the Leipzig Marriott, since our Beletage wasn’t yet ready to be used. Nevertheless, the first properties from Leipzig and the surrounding area are already in the portfolio, corresponding notary contracts are already being prepared and the team is in the starting blocks. So we are ready and are impatiently counting down the hours until we can officially get going on 1 March 2021 with our own office in Leipzig.

Sticking with the topic of Leipzig, we were thinking: Who better to tell you about where we’re at and the reasons for the journey than our captain – also known as CEO – himself? Marcel was ready to answer all of our questions. Below are some excerpts from our interview, which was the inspiration behind this blog post:

› Hey Marcel, cool of you to give us some of your time for this conversation. Before we talk about Leipzig, how would you describe BB Estates to someone standing with you in an elevator? You have 30 seconds, your elevator pitch starts now!

» Hey, we are BB Estates and offer you real agency life in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Leipzig – and on Mallorca! We haven’t reinvented the wheel, but we have learned to reinterpret it. So forget everything you think you know about a real estate agent. We have moved away from the usual approach, because we have long understood that the core message of “We’ll sell your house” by itself is no longer enough to survive on the market.

› Okay, quick off the mark and right to the point. On to the next question: is the ongoing pandemic having an impact on the expansion, specifically the planned opening in Leipzig in a few days?

» We will probably have to do without a big opening party in Leipzig for the time being, but our success certainly won’t be affected. We will open as planned on 1 March. The real estate market in the portfolio property sector is also withstanding this crisis – housing is still in demand. Our team is mentally very strong and is giving it their all, even in times when many people would let it get to them. What is needed more than anything else is sensitivity in dealing with the situation and the customers. But the new everyday situation has long been standard for us – once again our particular strength, with which we rock the real estate market, comes into its own.

› You can see the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about Leipzig. It’s really infectious. We have already talked about how everything is in place for Leipzig, including the team. Is it still possible to apply or is the application period over for now?

»   We’re deliberately starting off in Leipzig with a small team, which we will expand over the year: that much is clear. So, applications from industry professionals, but also from newcomers, are still welcome. Incidentally, we have clearly felt in the last few weeks that our refreshing marketing style has really made a mark. Our agency stands out more and more from the field of competitors and has also been able to demonstrate through social media that working in real estate is anything but boring or stuffy. And the message has gotten through: we’ve ensured that a career as a real estate agent is socially acceptable again and attracts applicants in droves, at all our locations.

›  Is Leipzig now the end or will BB Estates become even bigger in the near future?

» It is not official yet, but I can tell you this much: We focus on northern germany. I’m assuming the penny will drop for almost everyone now.

› Okay, I’ve a good idea and am already filling in a transfer request in my mind…


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