The Rebranding

We would like to take you on our way to BB Estates GmbH.

We have been working in the real estate business for many years, more precisely since 1974. The markets changed over time, so did the company. It was important to master challenges and not only to react to new trends, but also to actively shape them or even to be ahead of the times. We developed our business idea further and expanded our portfolio of activities.

The old company name adapted less and less to the actual business fields. Nor did it do justice to our international orientation. It was time to reposition itself by name.

The idea of rebranding matured for a while in the back of my mind. At the turn of the year 2017/2018, the decision was made in New York City. The new company name should reflect current and future corporate content. This is how BB Estates GmbH came into being.

In fact, name suggestions and initial logo designs were scribbled onto a napkin. Despite decades of experience in the industry, we felt a little reminded of the founding of Microsoft. Initially, a handful of computer lunatics worked in a garage, and it became the largest software company in the world.

The development of a logo, name, and the website was not given to an external agency but comes from our think tank. We did not want to leave the design of such important company elements to others but wanted to take it into our own hands. It is important for us to be able to stand completely behind who we are and what we do.

Less than 6 months later, all ideas had been implemented. Our team had worked with a lot of passion in record time.

As an alternative to rebranding, we could have decided to set up a new company. However, rebranding offers us and you the advantage of being able to build seamlessly on the basic framework and network developed over 40 years. Therefore the letters BB also find a home in the new name. Nevertheless, we can act like a start-up with many new impulses. In this way, we combine the best of both worlds: BB Estates – we make a difference!

Let us continue the journey together. We’re still going strong. See for yourself why we make the difference.


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