The year in review

Only a few more days and then—another year begins! As always at this time of year, we look back at the past twelve months and review all that happened.

A turbulent year is behind us. As you know, last year we gave our company a new look after 40 years. Of course, rebranding was not just a question of replacing the stationery. The process took until the beginning of this year.

After the official name change, to our customers it seemed as if everything were complete. But behind the scenes, we continued to work on our rebranding and especially on our internal structures.

The motto throughout the year was “from broker to brand”. We put our heart and soul into this mission. Our team has expanded, and we have been able to establish completely new company divisions. For example, we created our own People & Culture Team, which has been looking for young talents and real estate old-timers ever since.

After many years in the Wiesbaden real estate market, the time came in summer to open a location in this beautiful city. Since then, our local office has given us the ability to act even faster on-site and expand our activities more intensively than before. In true BB fashion, we didn’t just choose any old office space, but a fantastic loft with brick walls and our own bar.

Then there was our big summer party, which will go down in company history as the BB(Q). On top of our entire team and their families, we invited all our business partners and friends from the BB community. We used this evening to offer a glimpse behind the scenes of BB Estates and to show everyone once again that we live our slogan “we make a difference” through and through.

The absolute highlight of the summer festival was our new website going live, which we duly celebrated. Since then, the interactive website has thrilled everyone who scrolls through it—it’s not what you would expect from a broker. But then, we aren’t just a broker company, but a dynamic real estate agency. This should be evident to everyone after this year at the latest.

In the last month of the year, we began renovations in our Frankfurt command centre, i.e. our headquarters. The interior has been adapted to our way of working. For example, we now have a laptop bar and more chill-out corners, new designer desks and many other changes that suit an agency like us.

What makes us so different? Parties, cool spaces, innovative marketing, our knowledge—and of course our incredible sales team! It raised the bar significantly this year. The deals were the biggest yet and the team was more motivated than ever. The meetings with our CEO and the workshops paid off. Our entire team has developed enormously and achieved more than some could have ever imagined.

Toward 2020!

There is no doubt about it—2019 was the most successful year in the company’s history. Spurred on by this great result, our journey will continue after a short Christmas break.

To round off the year, we will treat ourselves to a few days off, which we have more than earned after twelve exciting months. As in previous years, we are sending our team on a well-deserved break. Over Christmas and New Year’s, everyone should have the opportunity to be with their loved ones, travel or simply stay home and recharge.

In the new year, we will be going full throttle again. Our team will no doubt bring fresh inspiration and a lot of motivation from their trips to New York, Paris and the Alps.

We would again like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has made this year so successful! We are already eager to take our company even further forward. Let’s wake up the boring world of real estate from its slumber!

We are well positioned for 2020 and have many new projects just waiting to be announced. But for now, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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