Training programme for real estate heroes

Do you want to become a real estate hero? Start your training in our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Every year we look for young, motivated creative thinkers who would like to conquer the world of real estate with us. People that want to change and improve the world – just like real heroes do.

Many have already made it. Our office manager, for example: She started out with us ten years ago in the training programme. Today she manages the BB Estates headquarters and trains our “young guns”. Many of our former trainees are now amongst our best sales agents. This could be your career path with us, too!

What makes our trainees so successful? After more than 40 years in the business, we know the real estate industry inside and out. With expert knowledge, passion and our unique corporate structure, we offer the ideal breeding ground for success.

Of course, it would be nothing without your curiosity and your commitment.

– Does work mean much more to you than just marking time?
– Do you want to experience passion rather than just get the job done?
– Are you looking for more than just colleagues, namely true team-players for your professional future?

Then apply to us.

Here’s how training at BB Estates works: The trainees go through various departments in our loft headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. They work their way into the industry and into the BB Estates culture. This way, they get a better understanding of how our company works. Afterwards, our trainees decide whether to continue on their way in the sales team or in the office team. They also choose their future location.

No matter which path our trainees choose, they all become real estate heroes. That’s because, with us, trainees have the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves and to develop both professionally and personally. After all, training to become a real estate hero is much more than just a play on words. True: Our trainees aren’t equipped with supernatural powers at the end of their training, but they will have learned how to master even very difficult challenges, undaunted and with competence. This is of benefit to the trainees themselves, but also to us as a company and, above all, to the customers.

The ability to tackle and solve even unfamiliar tasks with self-confidence and sound knowledge is priceless for every individual. The successful and satisfied trainees from BB Estates speak for themselves.

Do you have what it takes to be a real estate hero? Then you’ve come to the right place!


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