Unique Company Culture

We have created a unique Company Culture – the BB DNA. This is a truly unique thing in the real estate industry for a company of our size.

This is how we attract motivated lateral thinkers who share our Mindset. They fully support us in expanding our company.

The terms Company Culture, DNA and Mindset in the above sentences are actually rarely used in our industry. But it would be plain wrong to label them as new-fangled vocabulary and superficial hype!

Some industry colleagues say, “You’re not Facebook or Google, you’re real estate brokers!” Nevertheless, we use the terms Company Culture, DNA and Mindset quite deliberately and with full intent. In particular, small and medium-sized companies can clearly position themselves on the market through their Culture.

This Company Culture is the DNA of a company. For us, just like in biology, DNA is the carrier of genetic information. And this genetic information reads: WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Fundamental values and attitudes form the core of the Company Culture. For example, they are clearly noticeable in the relationship between the employees and management.

Above all, the company retains valuable team members via the Culture. Employees with the same Mindset, i.e. the same attitude, significantly promote the Culture and carry it forward. If the Mindset fits, the team can easily identify with the company.

Strictly speaking, a Company Culture is not physically tangible or measurable. However, it is evident that growth can be derived from a coherent Culture. Thus, our success is not only characterized by our expertise, but is derived above all from the Company Culture that has been created.

Often, even the external appearance hints at the prevailing Culture in the company. Therefore, on our website, you immediately recognize that we are doing a lot of things differently to the classic broker.

BB’s Company Culture is enhanced by a huge extra dose of motivation and passion. Of course, our customers also feel and appreciate that.

So it is certainly no surprise that we crank up the classic “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey to full volume in our offices every morning – another example of how we tick.

If you want to experience the unique BB-feeling, apply now and become part of the big picture. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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